Jarod Lawley

Jarod Lawley

Young journalist interested in news, reviews, stories, interviews and features. Currently writer for, The Independent Voice, Devolution and Gorgeous Freaks. Experience writing for Wales's biggest newspaper (South Wales Evening Post) and working for PR agency, Working Word.


The Art Of Gothic (book review)

Review of Natasha Scarf's non-fiction hardback. Available to buy in print here
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The Borderlands by Jarod Lawley (Film Review)

From the British bloodline of found-footage horror movies, comes 2013’s The Borderlands. Writer-director Elliot Goldner delivers a 89 minute slow burner packed with hooks, scares and also, laughs. The plot follows a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.
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Vorum @ Nambucca, London (Gig Review)

Situated on the famous Holloway Road, Nambucca isn’t normally the go-to venue for metal gigs in London, but it served as the arena for the arrival of Finish death masters Vorum. With the venue still empty and few of the regulars hurriedly finishing their drinks up, UK “war metal” band Sturmtiger open the show. Link to Story

Ethereal- Opus Aethereum (Album Review)

Anyone who heard previous EPs, Hell’s Divine Existence and Revalation Beast will already know that ETHEREAL do not sound very ethereal at all. They have more in common with the contorted guitar work of Gorgoroth or the blasting ferocity of Dark Funeral than the spiritual sounds of Summoning. With a kind of satanic dystopian aesthetic comes the rousing, orchestral tease of “Nomicon”, before all is unleashed into a flurry of compressed guitars and manic orchestration. Link to Story

SABATON @ London Forum (Gig Review)

Returning to the UK after just a few weeks away, Sabaton strike the Forum again! Opening up the evening, the Sabaton-approved Battle Beast (4/5) warm up the audience to boiling point with half an hour of pure heavy metal. The recent video for “Madness” is aesthetically more akin to something you may expect to see in a slightly dirty Rihanna video than what you’d hope for a credible metal band to release, but as the six-piece confidently strut onto the stage, there’s no mistaking that they mean business. Link to Story

THE ANGELS OF ISLINGTON By Sarah Channing Wright (Book Review)

Born in Exeter, 1975, a young girl named Sarah Channing Wright escaped the sleepy town and found dark sanctuary in 90s London aged 21. There, she submerged herself in the city’s Goth scene- most of which still exists today- and drunk herself under the influence of writers such as American horror-queen Anne Rice and the gorgeously sick Poppy Z Brite.
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Jarod Lawley

I'm Jarod Lawley, a young but experienced writer based in the UK.

As guest writer I give regular contributions to The Independent Voice,, Devolution and Gorgeous Freaks in the form of reviews, interviews and news pieces.

Outside of this, I have also completed work experience with Wales's Biggest Newspaper where I had my work published several times in print and online, including a double page "big feature".

In the Summer of 2015 I also worked with Cardiff based PR agency Working Word, where I received glowing references for my efforts during the placement.

Hardworking and reliable, I am always on the look out for new opportunities and placements, so please don't hesitate to contact me using the information below.



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